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    Act for conservation, transmit to raise

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    Involved in the protection of nature, we are committed to conserving biodiversity.

    The term "biodiversity" refers to all forms of life, animal or plant, on the planet Earth.

    Man needs Nature to live. To protect Nature is thus to preserve the future of Man.


    A zoo is an opportunity for young and old to discover a wild animal and plant world. At ZOO Park Reynou, we have 600 animals and 130 different animal species.

    By being a member of the association EAZA, we carry out several actions to protect animal species in danger (reproduction, awareness campaign and other operations within the park ...).

    Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness so that every visitor is involved, on their own, in the preservation of the planet.

    Solicit us and commit to the planet!

    Our park's mission is to understand the issues of animal and environmental preservation around the world.
    Our goals are many: entertain, educate and participate in animal and plant conservation.

    Inside the park, information boards and team members are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.