OPENING THE PARK: From 10h to 17h30 all days starting 09 February 2019
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    The Reynou Park offers many services to facilitate your visit and extend your wild expedition!

    Zoo explorer

    Go exploring the Parc Zoo du Reynou! Accompanied by a healer, you discover the different species of the Park and participate in practical workshops.

    During 1h30, you will live a wild experience!

    From 2 to 10 people: 70.00 €


    Healer for a day

    Come experience the job of a trainer on a day or a half day! You accompany a member of the team and participate in these daily activities.

    2 programs are available: For juniors from 6 to 12 years, it is 4 hours of discoveries with a snack. For adults (from 13 years), it is a day of 8 hours of activities, from 8:30 to 16:30, with lunch included.

    Junior program (from 6 to 12 years old) - 4h00 (from 8h30 to 12h30 or from 14h00 to 18h00): 130 € - of which 5 € are donated for conservation programs in nature supported by the ZOO Park of Reynou

    Program teenager / adult (from 13 years) - 8:00 (from 8:30 to 16:30): 220 € - of which 10 € are donated for conservation programs in nature supported by the ZOO Park Reynou.

    Wild Anniversary

    Organize a magical and original birthday at the ZOO Park of Reynou!

    The park team hosts birthday snacks every day, all year round.


    Appointment with a trainer

    Throughout the year, we propose you to find a healer, who will make you travel by presenting you a species and its behaviors, explaining his job and the actions carried out by the park.

    Appointment schedules and themes vary depending on the season and the day.

    Details are communicated to you upon arrival at the park.