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    Are you sensitive to the philosophy and the actions carried out by the ZOO Park of Reynou?
    Take part in these actions: become a member of the ARCHE of Reynou!

    What is the ARCHE du Reynou?

    L'ARCHE, Research, Conservation, History and Environment Association, accompanies the ZOO Park of Reynou in its various actions, including its educational mission.

    The objectives of the ARCHE are:

    • Participate in scientific research in the field of zoobiology and zootechnics, particularly with regard to non-domestic animal species;
    • Participate in the conservation of local and global biodiversity, through direct support on the one hand, through educational and awareness-raising actions on the other;
    • Preserve, protect and make known the locoregional historical heritage, in particular the castle of Reynou and its landscaped park;
    • Protect the Environment.

    The actions of the ARCHE of Reynou

    The ARCHE organizes events and supports animal protection actions in their country of origin, to fight against their disappearance.
    The SafaRun is the most famous illustration. This event brings together for several years sportsmen who want to have fun for the good cause. It is a 10 km obstacle course with 30 obstacles, which takes place every year in May at the Parc Zoo du Reynou. The funds raised by the ARCHE are donated to an association working for a different species each year.

    Photo workshops


    As an amateur photographer, the photolim 87 framed photo workshops are for you. The ARCHE is at the initiative of Photolim 87's photo workshops in the heart of the Parc Zoo du Reynou.
    The ARCHE accompanies the ZOO Park of Reynou in participating in thematic awareness campaigns. Various activities, games and workshops are available to visitors of the park, as here, Pole to pole (campaign against global warming and awareness of everyone to make a little effort to save the planet).


    What are these actions for?

    The actions of the ARCHE have made it possible to provide financial assistance to several associations :

    - Snow Leopard Trust for Snow Panthers in 12 Central Asian Countries

    - WildCats Conservation Alliance for tigers and panthers in Asia

    - Red Panda Network for red pandas in Nepal

    - ACOPAZOA for White-handed Tamarin in Colombia

    - Kalaweit for Gibbons in Indonesia

    - Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative for Land Tapir in Brazil

    - AB Conservation for binturongs in Southeast Asia

    - EAZA , through the various awareness campaigns relayed in the Parc Zoo du Reynou

    You will also find urns in the Park Zoo Reynou to help, too, these associations.

    The Reynou Zoo Park, relay of ARCHE actions:
    The Parc Zoo du Reynou provides assistance and support to the ARCHE by relaying awareness campaigns and in practice during workshops " Healer for a day ": the participants are made aware of conservation and a part of the workshop fee is donated to the ARCHE to finance its activities. actions.

    Do you want to become a member of the ARCHE or donate?