entre Cerrado et Pantanal, notre espace
brésilien accueille les Tapirs terrestres
depuis le 29 avril dernier.

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Travel around the world within a few hours of walking in our magnificent park. Come and discover the famous Giraffes and the jumping African Antelopes.  Enjoy fabulous Evening primroses and the mysterious Asian Cervids.  Explore the majestic lions, the shy Binturongs, turbulent Marmosets and many others!

Some are discreet: Cheetahs, Snow leopards and the youngest Antelopes play hide-and-seek. Patience and sense of observation are required! Others love being admired; Our African Panthers, Macaws, the Amazon or even Lemurs. Several animals wait patiently for your caress: goats, Rabbits, Ponies and dwarf Donkeys from the Small Farm …

Meet them virtually here, in words and images!

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